Simulation in Motion – Europe

WHO is it for

Do you want high-quality training with simulations in healthcare, but you are limited both financially and in time?

You don’t have to leave your place or your job to do this. With the mobile unit “SIM mobil”, which is the first such program in Slovenia and in this part of Europe, we come to you. The education system brings the latest form of practical training using state-of-the-art simulators designed for hospital and prehospital teams.

purpose and goal

Most medical teams in Slovenia encounter a critically ill or injured patient only a few times a year. Training in the “SIM mobile” gives medical staff the opportunity to face a vitally endangered patient and rare situations in the clinical environment (field birth, vitally endangered child, …). Learning in the SIM mobile unit thus enables you to maintain your expertise and increase your self-confidence.

  • The “SIM mobil” program is carried out by highly qualified instructors and lecturers. They work with prominent experts in the field of education with health simulations (SESAM1) and have an international license (ITLS2, EPLS3, ERC4, MTS5, MRMI6), or are experts in their field.
  • The “SIM mobil” program provides a realistic but safe and relaxed learning environment.
  • “SIM mobil” implements various modules that can be adapted to local needs.
  • It provides education from the contents of the care of a vitally endangered patient, with whom we rarely meet::
    – Care of vitally threatened patient
    – Reanimation
    – Pediatric emergency care 1 and 2
    – Pre-hospital Obstetric Emergency Training 1 and 2
    – TPO and AED and additional resuscitation procedures – mandatory contents for license renewal
    – TPO and AED for the team in dentistry
    – Wound care, recognizes septic shock
    – Care for the injured
    – In-situ simulations

State-of-the-art simulation equipment: professional defibrillator simulator, birth simulator, severely injured puppet, use of real drugs, puppet responding like a living person, sound effects of difficult breathing, scripting equipment, puppet newborn, infant and young child. Participants use medical equipment as they normally do in a real clinical setting. Each simulation uses a debriefing system that allows scripts to be recorded so that feedback on team performance can be given after each completion.


Effective training in the contents of the care of a vitally endangered patient: acute myocardial infarction, stroke, laryngitis in a child, resuscitation of an infant, field birth, … We adapt the time of the program to your team: the implementation before or after the obligations at the workplace.

94% of training participants rate us with a maximum score (5). Increase exit knowledge by 48%. 2000 participants per year.