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Expert Committee

Senior Lecturer
Uroš Zafošnik

Registered Nurse, M. Sc. of social work
Director of SIM centre

Špela Tevžič
M. D., Ph. D.
Medical Adviser
Assoc. Prof.
Antonija Poplas Susič
M. D., Ph. D., Associate Professor
Director of CHC Ljubljana
Tatjana Grmek Martinjaš
M. D.,
Pediatric specialist., School medicine specialist
Kristjan Demian Sancin
Davorin Marković
B.Sc. zn. with spec. knowledge in the field of simulations in healthcare
Coordinator of SIM centre
Tea Stegne Ignjatovič
M. D.
Expert director of CHC Ljubljana


Ana Pintar Bojc

Sales and marketing
00386 41 437 419

Anja Poženel Belec
Project office
00386 51 296 379
Anja Miklič
SIM center office
00386 31 396 533

Instructors and Lecturers

Trainings are conducted by highly trained instructors and lecturers who use modern teaching methods and cooperate with influential experts in the field of education with simulations in healthcare (SESAM). All of the instructors have an international license (ITLS, EPLS, ERC, MTS, MRMI), or are experts in their field.

The quality of work in the SIM centre is assessed once a year by the international accreditation house SIQ (ISO standard).

There are 28 instructors in the SIM centre (13 physicians and 15 nurses), all of whom have experience with critically endangered patients.